the Lamberths

This painting is special to me. Clint and I painted it on our wedding day. Well… we painted the heart. 🙂 I had everything else painted on there, ready to go that day. We wanted to do a ceremony representing the fact that we were leaving our lives as individuals and coming together to become one. We had heard of pouring sand and unity candles, but we wanted something unique to us.

We decided on paint.

Paint is permanent. Once you put it on something, it will never come off. When you mix two paint colors, they’ll never be the same two colors again.

It’s the same with our marriage. We’ve left everything we knew our entire lives–our families, plans, habits, and traditions–and we’re mixing together to make one new life. And it’s permanent. 🙂

Also, we’re a team now. That’s why we each painted a side of the heart.

About Stephanie L.

I've been crafting and painting for a few years. Now that I'm married and have a full time job, life has slowed down a little (does life ever slow down like you think it will?) and I can share my creations with people. This is a place to showcase what I've done to give you ideas of things I could make for you, your family, and your friends. Don't be a stranger! Feel free to email me and ask me any questions you have and I'll happily replay ASAP.
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