flower power

This is one of the boutonnieres from our wedding. I used copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to make the flowers and peacock feathers to act as the greenery. It added the perfect bit of uniqueness to the boys’ tuxes. Not to mention, it screamed to us because we’re major Harry Potter nerds. Perfection.

I’m in the middle of making some more boutonnieres and corsages for girls and their dates going to prom. I’ll post pictures of those once I get them all done and the girls get to wear them. They’ve got to have their proper grand debut. 🙂


About Stephanie L.

I've been crafting and painting for a few years. Now that I'm married and have a full time job, life has slowed down a little (does life ever slow down like you think it will?) and I can share my creations with people. This is a place to showcase what I've done to give you ideas of things I could make for you, your family, and your friends. Don't be a stranger! Feel free to email me and ask me any questions you have and I'll happily replay ASAP.
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