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Contacting me is a piece of cake. Just shoot me an email at I check my email daily and I will try my very best to respond the same day. Once I get an order, I’ll work my hardest to get it done as quickly as possible. I know waiting is hard and I want to keep your wait time to a minimum.

2 Responses to contact me

  1. Teresa Walrond says:

    Stephanie, I LOVE the woven headband in the “what i can buy right now” section. Can i have one thats orange and blue like beech colors (aka gator colors) :). It’s listed on there for 5$ but i could go 10 for the custom colors! Also – I’ll be home for easter so if i could just get it then – that way you wouldn’t have to rush and we don’t have to worry about shipping or anything! – Cute stuff BTW!!

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